Joolz may not look like a tech specialist but she’s worked with some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. With a strong background in customer relationship and change management, Joolz knows how agile and adaptable businesses need to be. “Business culture needs to evolve constantly. Managing that is everyone’s job. Leaders need to know how to influence that, confidently and effectively.”

Joolz has worked in sales and marketing too, so she understands the pressures of business growth and success. Most of her time is spent working with leaders and managers, helping them to be confident and adaptable, developing the practical skills they need to be good at what they do – and helping them do that for others too. “Great managers are important to every business. I aim to help each learner be the best they can be, to use their sense of purpose to make a real difference, every day. It’s important to know what drives you, how to use that and to enjoy your life.”

Apart from training and facilitating, Joolz also coaches. She finds working with CLS is different to other companies. “CLS is completely different in terms of delivery. Everything is designed to fit the client needs. It’s creative, it’s learner focused. It’s about guiding the group to achieve the learning objectives. How they get there will depend on the people in the room. It’s very exciting and engaging.” 

Joolz speaks three languages,and has worked across the world from India to Japan, China, Mexico, the US and all over Europe. She works face to face and remotely, with clients in several countries. Currently based in the UK, Joolz has practiced yoga and meditation for many years, loves walking in nature and is fascinated by orchids.

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