Mark is an American who is truly global in his approach. He puts his international experience to good use, encouraging leaders & managers to value and build on their own experience. “It’s important to recognize the experience you bring to your learning. You already know so much; it’s my role to help you expand and develop that.”

Mark’s international expertise includes 30 years living and working in Germany and complete fluency in French and German as well as being a native English speaker. He loves being back in the USA although he still works across multiple time zones. “I’ll gladly go to bed early so I can be up at 1 am to facilitate an international workshop with engaged managers distributed across Europe and Asia. It’s the excitement of international work without the jet lag!”

With degrees in computer science, a PhD in economics, a Black Belt in Six Sigma and extensive leadership and management experience, Mark is ideally placed to support managers and leaders on their journey. “I believe you stop living when you stop learning. It is so rewarding to help people recognize, embrace, and strengthen their own desire to learn and develop.”

Mark understands the complexity of the world we work in and the agility needed by business people. His own approach is flexible and agile too. Mark has embraced digital platforms to design and deliver exciting, engaging and immersive training programs. “Innovation fascinates me. Figuring out new ways to use technology to make a learning environment more fun and effective is exhilarating.” Mark is highly inclusive, making sure that everyone is involved and the training works for everyone, to make the difference they need to succeed.

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