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Susi Watson

Susi is a creative thinker who inspires creativity in others. She works with groups to visually reflect their conversations, key insights and processes – her graphic approach helps people untangle complexity, see the whole and connect the dots toward valuable opportunities. When facilitating she works across the learning event to help build the story that is emerging from the group –  so they can use their work to story-tell and share insights beyond the meeting.

Susie’s work has been used to clarify research and unearth insights, create user scenarios, identify service and strategic opportunities, to improve collaboration and to facilitate diverse stakeholder groups toward aligned action.

“Visual facilitation helps clients to reflect conversations and see opportunities in complex challenges. It allows everyone to see patterns in diverse points of view, express and connect ideas in new ways. It’s a powerful way to work and you don’t need to be an artist to use it.”

At home in the US and the UK, Susi blends American and European innovation techniques to support ongoing team growth and learning as they face ever-changing and complex needs.  Her clients have included Disney, Cisco Systems, University of Cambridge, Cranfield School of Management and UNICEF senior leadership. 

“I am passionate about helping clients see opportunities, connect ideas and turn their creative potential into actionable results. Innovation skills are critical for businesses of all sizes. When you innovate and create while learning, innovation and creation continue at work.”

Susi loves to connect with nature in any form and she is especially drawn to water. Jumping into the ocean is at the top of her list of things she loves to do. 

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