Tim is a global Canadian. He grew up in Newfoundland, Quebec and Manitoba, graduated from the University of Alberta and worked in Northern Ontario and Northern Saskatchewan before moving to Europe.

Tim has been working as a trainer and facilitator for over 35 years. “It’s very easy to assume there is a ‘right’ way to do management. We have to understand that management is about adapting your approach to fit the people you work with. Every group of managers I work with are potentially creating new management ideas and approaches which will work for their people, their organisation.”

Tim has worked with a very wide range of businesses and organisations. Nokia, UK Ministry of Defence, Ansell, ON Semiconductor, the Medical Research council and the Council of Europe to name just a few. He also leads on the UNICEF Management Masterclass programme, a development programme which has helped more than 800 managers to transform their management practice in some of the most challenging circumstances.

Some feedback Tim cherishes came from one UNICEF manager. “If these Masterclasses continue at this standard, then I guarantee they will positively impact on the lives of children.”  For Tim, the whole point of training is “having a direct impact on delivery. It’s about having a conversation so managers can go away and plan how they will have a real impact on their organisation.”  

Tim is a Chartered Member of CIPD the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. He is certified for HBDI, TAIS, E-Disc, is an experienced trainer of trainers and has been known to build his own cedarstrip canoe.

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