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Outstanding learning & development to transform individuals and teams


Powerful tools to develop individuals and teams

In times of change and uncertainty your leaders and managers need to be agile and adaptable

Our coaching helps you achieve the transformation you want. Director of Coaching, Sylvia Sage, leads our qualified, experienced team of coaches, locally and around the world.

Spotlight on: Sylvia


Sylvia is a linguist who became fascinated with psychology. Her qualifications include coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychology, mindfulness and stress training. Sylvia also has an MBA, and her approach to coaching is grounded in what happens in our clients’ ‘real world’.  With over 1000 hours of coaching experience, Sylvia leads on the design and delivery of coaching programmes for our biggest clients. 

“I use a strengths-based and people-focused approach in coaching. Understanding your strengths and how to draw on them gives people a real sense of control. I use current theory and my experience of business and management to work effectively with business leaders.”

Team Coaching

Enabling teams of executives, leaders, managers and employees to overcome challenges, and to work together effectively and with greater understanding

Coaching for Leaders & Managers

We train leaders and managers to use coaching skills to develop and enable their staff. When managers coach, teams perform

Executive Coaching

Available locally, face-to-face and virtually around the world. Our coaches understand the C-level issues of corporations, public authorities and international organizations

Peer Coaching

Help your managers work better through peer coaching. Peer group coaching improves the agility, creativity and effectiveness of cross-boundary and project teams

Career Coaching

A flexible way to keep  your talent in the business and find new opportunities for growth. Career coaching is also a powerful tool to increase diversity & inclusion


From MBTI to HBDI, from Belbin to DISC, we use the right tools to enable people to learn about themselves and each other. When you understand yourself and your team, performance moves up a gear 

Spotlight on: Hywel


Hywel’s speciality is senior leadership teams and individuals. With a history of working internationally, in North America, Europe and Asia, Hywel has a fine grasp of the subtleties of leadership behaviors in an international environment.  Building on an MBA and extensive experience working with senior teams in both public and private sectors, he truly understands your challenges. Hywel is qualified in a wide range of psychometrics and specific training courses, enabling him to deliver first class training, fast. 

“My clients are at the heart of everything I do. Navigating change is critical for all leaders. I focus on helping people get the results they need. Experiential, energizing, results focused learning which is centred on you; that’s what I do.”

Coaching enhances performance, productivity and employee engagement

"I wish more of our managers and our senior managers would attend this coaching course. It makes our workplace better"

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