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Develop your individuals and teams for business success

High performing teams

Developing the right kind of virtual team for your business

Managing remote teams

Managing remotely is a different skill set. Be the manager who gets it right

Online communication skills for leaders

Be professional and respected by shareholders, clients and employees, on every platform

Giving and receiving feedback

Start feeling confident and relaxed about feedback. Use it to improve your working life 

Keep the talent you need so they create future business

Active performance management

Making sure you focus on the right things for the best results 

Courageous conversations

Knowing how to say what needs to be said, is the mark of a good leader

Agile leadership

Give your leaders the development tools they need for changing times 

Coaching skills

Become the manager everyone wants to work for. Develop your skills as a coach 

Spotlight on: Yene

Yene develops leaders. With a long history of helping leaders transform their organizations, she knows from experience that change only comes through individuals.  Yene uses coaching, facilitation and psychometrics to help people achieve the change they need. Yene leads on our Management Masterclasses and delivers in both English and French.  With both an MBA and a PhD, Yene truly understands the environment leaders work in, and has a particular passion for helping women fulfil their leadership capabilities. 
“Compassion is a critical skill in leadership. If you want to change your teams and your people, you need to start with compassion.”

Developing new leaders

Robust, successful businesses have diverse leadership teams. Bring on the people you need to succeed

Keep your talent

Keep the people you need so they create future business. building. People you invest in commit to you 

Inter-cultural competences

For business to thrive internationally you need to handle yourself across cultures

Personal effectiveness & resilience

Give employees practical tools so they take change in their stride

When you invest in people they commit to you

Virtual challenges and conflict

The virtual world creates new challenges for teams and managers. Help them navigate through 

Individual and Team Coaching

Flexi-coaching, coaching on demand; give your leaders and managers the support they need 

Minimise stress, maximise resilience

Skills and tools to help your people to bounce back so your business can too

Executive coaching

One to one coaching for your executives. Help those with the greatest responsibility get specific tools and support 

Spotlight on: Eva

Eva lights up when she facilitates learning. She is a delight to work with and our clients love her work. Eva is expert in her field and she brings anecdotes and examples from her own experience to help her participants. Her energy, enthusiasm and positivity help create a great learning environment. 

“Helping people to find the key to applying their learning really energizes me. It’s great when people leave a session with the confidence to change a situation. They go back to their teams and colleagues and make amazing things happen.”

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