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Outstanding learning & development to transform individuals and teams

Experiential. And Virtual.


The next Business as Usual

Our online and virtual learning and development for global business has been running for over 10 years

We are all in it now. Logistics are in place. A corner of our home has been turned into an office. We have a new sense of ‘business as usual’ which is far from normal. 
At CLS we help our clients find their next business as usual, depsite the challenges of remote working and social distancing. In response to lockdown and whatever may follow, we collaborate with you on ways to actively support your people and organisation. All our virtual workshops reflect our usual way of working. They are all:


We create a natural learning environment online, similar to physical workshops. Our learning is engaging and immersive with active participation. People learn and enjoy the experience. You won’t find any other workshops like ours. 


We are technology agnostic. We can use your delivery platform or choose one which best suits the content. We prepare people to use online learning tools so they spend time learning, not struggling. 


Our content is high quality and inspiring. It is practical and builds on participants existing knowledge and skills. Your sessions can be large group webinars, small group Master Classes or anything in between. 

Word bundle of positive responses to virtual meetings: engaging, interactive, original.

The CLS Blueprint 

Our approach gives you an enhanced virtual experience.  Participants will have:

Experiential learning in a class of its own

How is your organization adapting? 
To support our clients, we focus on themes directly relevant to your Business Continuity
We help managers and leaders adapt to a virtual and remote business world.  Our focus is to help you with planning and processes, virtual coaching, performance management and behavior. 
How are your employees coping? 
This focuses on well-being and resilience, enabling people to be their best. 
As well as practical tools to manage stress and cope well with change, we also help you strengthen and build the organization you need, for today’s environment. 
What can you do differently? 
We help you focus on the future and find new ways to do business in a shifting business world. 
We help your people develop skills for design, innovation, agility and creativity. These can transform your current business and create new opportunities. 

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Spotlight on: Ryan

Ryan Edwards

Ryan is an innovator, a design thinker and is passionate about helping to change the agrifood sector. His expertise is in working with businesses and teams to reinvent themselves for a changing, disruptive market. Ryan’s international background in marketing, innovation, design and customer focus, means he speaks your language and understands how to help you move your business forward. Ryan regularly lectures on an MBA program for leadership, entrepreneurship & innovation. 

“I have founded and co-founded several businesses, so I understand the challenges of breaking into new markets. My focus is on empowering individuals and organizations to find new ways of working, a sustainable approach so we can fix broken systems.”

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